Happiness is..!

This Site Under Construction
So Pardon My dust!

This is a layout I was playing around with. It is similiar to My Diary But it is a much cheerier and happier layout. I have it here right now to preserve this site is mine. If you like this layout, or think I might be good enough to come up with another one for you feel free to email me at TheCrankyOne@Netscape.net.

None of the images on this site are mine, although I did create the logo on top thru the simple interface at www.cooltext.com. It is a totally free service and they also have some really neat backgrounds that are free as long as you acknowledge where you got them from.

I am new to the web site design business and this site will most likely undergo some major renovation as time moves on. This is just for sampling and so I can get rid of that stupid default page.

Thank you for your time..

PS If anyone knows how to make this into an I-frames layout for my site please email me at the above address. Thanks

Layout is copyright Me Myself & I. The basic framework was borrowed from Layoutland, who was also responsible for the lovely cat graphic. The mouse fireworks are courtesy of Lissa explains it all.. The banner is from CoolText.com site is best viewed with IE 5.0 or higher. Use of anything else may produce unintended results.